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A quirky children’s poetry book by Judy Davies (illustrated by Sophie Young) combining great humour and thought-provoking verse, suitable for home and school; for children aged 6 to 106!

REVIEW from a Primary School teacher (Maidenhead)
Witty, and sometimes bizarre poems which really engage the young (and not so young) reader. The rich vocabulary and figurative language are perfect for reading together. They will make you laugh, cry and think. The collection covers topics that children will relate to, from tooth fairies to animal welfare and the environment, as well as their own frailties and insecurities, all captured elegantly in the wonderful illustrations. I love the page left for the reader to write their own poem. A must for every classroom!


Judy Davies


Judy qualified as a Youth Worker (Birmingham University) and worked for more than 50 years with children of all ages in schools and youth organisations. She has written musicals for children, for TV and scripted/produced shows at several theatres inc. The Pleasance Theatre, The Round House and others.

Judy was the director of XUK Children’s Holiday Activities (27 years) and of Poolside Manor Swim-School and Leisure Centre. She is a member of Equity and, in her 'spare time', was a Youth and Adult Magistrate!

Six Socks

My brother, me and Papa,
We love to wear odd socks
We make sure that they’re all mixed up
Inside the odd sock box!

Six socks we have for playing
For working and for best
Striped ones, patterned, red or blue
Each different from the rest

Baby First Aid

Saves time for Mum and Grandma
From finding matching pairs
We say "We’ve come from Planet Mars”
To anyone who stares

Clothes are just for wearing
Grow into them, then out
Coordinated colours
Who knows what that’s about?

Paediatric CPR

Some mornings when I’m rushing
For my underwear I hunt
My pants will end up inside out
And sometimes back to front

We all get dressed the way we like
Mum says that we can choose
So why does she get frazzled
When we go out in odd shoes?

Paediatric First Aid

Rhyme and Reason

Some poems you'll find are inspiring
And as such will excite the consumer
When you pick up this book
You've just got to look
Illustrations combined with good humour!

It's primarily written for children
But so many boxes it ticks
You can read to each other
As it says on the cover
Whether 6 or 106

​Some characters tell you a story
The kids can shout "boo" or "hurray" for
But love 'em or hate 'em
However you rate 'em
You'll certainly get what you pay for!

Readers' comments

This inspirational poetry is a great starting point for much exciting moral discussion and cross-curricula activities. 

 Mrs BW; ex-teacher

A glorious collection of poems. Some are witty, some are educational. Some have a clear message. BUT all are fun, no matter what age you are.

Mrs JL; teacher

Cannot wait to pass this lovely book on to the young recipient it was bought for; it certainly brought a smile to this 74yr old!!!

Mrs BB

An enchanting, delightful, humorous and beautifully Illustrated Book of Verse.

Mrs BG;  Company Director

What a delight; fresh amusing and often thoughtful. Destined to be a best seller. Loved it!

Mrs CR; ex-nursery nurse

Such witty verses and fabulous illustrations make it a really great present for all ages...

I will now have to get my wife her own copy.

 Mr RK

Imaginative poems accompanied by lovely illustrations. A book to escape into.

Ms KS; Lecturer 

The poems in this book are a sheer delight. 


This is such a wonderfully wittily-written book of poems and the illustrations complement the poetry beautifully. I bought this book as a present, but I just might keep it for myself!

Mrs AN; Theatre director and producer

We’ve just read your book, cover to cover. We’re very impressed as it’s passed every test and must be the best! The illustrations are all superb! 

Mr & Mrs JB

Your book is a sheer delight. How clever of you. I would like to order another one!  

Mrs MG; translator

Really enjoyed Custard on Toast. Fun verses with lovely illustrations.  

Mrs TB; Lecturer


How To Order

Custard On Toast is a 52-page hard-back book available for £19.99 (plus £4.50 p&p). Please click on the order button below to purchase your copy! 

Please note, we are currently shipping to UK addresses only. 


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